Millennial Millie

Who is Millennial Millie?
I was born in the 90's and I grew up watching America transform into the chaotic mess it is today. I was raised in California and grew up around the music and entertainment industry. By the time I was a teen I was walking red carpets and hobnobbing with celebrities until I realized that something wasn't right with the Hollywood World! It was full of glass ceilings and if you weren't willing to sell out to the liberal hegemonic entertainment industry by throwing your morals and principles into the waste basket then you were shut out. In "La La Land" if you spoke out or didn't want to get in line with the agenda you would be blacklisted. And so I was.
With my family in tow, we traveled to Ohio to stay with family temporarily while we were still fighting to regain our land use in Colorado by legal means. I came to the realization that if I couldn't move to a rural town, with a population of 700, to escape the encrouching tyranny and globalist corruption in this country than there was nothing left to do than to fight these tyrants with every thing I had because I had nothing left to lose.

I happened to be in the battle ground state of Ohio during the 2016 Presidential election so I decided to utilize my location to do some reporting to show what was truly happening at both Hillary Clinton's rallys and Donald Trump's Rallys. It was evident that the mainstream media was slanting their news to give the false impression that Hillary had the election in the bag. I began working with Infowars again to get the truth out by showing actual footage from both Hillary's speeches and Trumps rallys.

Donald Trump winning the 2016 Presidential election was a huge victory for those that want freedom and prosperity in America again. It was a huge loss for the globalist tyrants that seek to enslave Americans and steal their natural resources and rights.

But the battle is still not over, so long as we have freedom and God given rights the tyrants will plot to undermine them. We must always remember that what makes America the greatest country in the world is our freedom! We must forever fight to preserve our God given rights and the sanctity of our great nation.

                     Millennial Millie

From gangstalking, to false court charges, and occult stalkers, I soon discovered that getting out of the Hollywood world was a greater struggle than even getting in. None the less I managed to get away and immediately began speaking out to fight the Illuminati, NWO globalists, corrupt politicians, and authoritarians that are ruining this nation.

I stared submitting some reports to Infowars back in 2013 which further encouraged my interest to fight the battle to awaken my fellow Americans. Life took me other directions and I spent some time living out in Colorado with the dream of having a homestead and starting an organic farm. That dream became crushed when some big wind farm developers living off of government subsidies influenced our county officials through nefarious means to approve a massive wind farm literally right next to our land that weaved throughout our neighbors properties. Long story short, I found out the hard way that wind farms can make people that live near them very sick and they ended up running us off of our humble homestead.