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Media Turns Social Rejects Into Infamous Villains Meme'd and Idolized by Nihilist Subculture

Millie Weaver analyzes the trend of mass shooters over time and points to a subculture on the internet which glorifies and memifies mass shooters like the Columbine shooters.

So here’s the question, what role is the media playing in fueling these mass shooting events by giving them so much media coverage and showering the shooters with tons of attention?

Video Report:

The type of person to do a mass shooting is unarguably a mentally disturbed person, but from what we’ve studied from past mass shooters is that they tend to be social outcasts with a nihilistic outlook in life. Netichi and and other thinkers of the late 19-20th century warned of moral relativism being a byproduct of modern society. Mass shooters tend to be people who identify as unseen or unheard in life, many of them put out politically charged manifestos almost as if know that as soon as they do a shooting the mainstream media will advertise their manifesto and for a moment the whole world will watch them. This is the ultimate reward and temptation for the type of sick individuals that carry out these horrific events. Thus the cycle continues, the media continues to give an exorbent amount of attention to these tragedies, thus fueling more copy cat attacks.

Any time a shooting occurs that fits the medias antigun narrative its almost a given that you will see the media exploit the tragedy of the victims and their families in order to promote an antigun agenda.

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