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Monkeypox, Baby Formula Shortage, and Economic Crisis In Biden's America

The Biden administration is bringing the world closer to war, famine, and collapse.

Babies are being hospitalized in Milwaukee and in other American cities due to malnutrition because of the baby formula shortage. Babies suffering malnutrition is a third world problem, certainly not a first world problem. So I guess trump was right when he said that Democrats turn cities, and in this case, entire nations into shit holes.

Monkeypox is the new viral scare as Americans wonder if they are going to be subjegated to more strict lockdowns like the ones they experienced throughout the COVID Pandemic.

Meanwhile Bill Gates has called for a pandemic team like the one in the Hollywood film "Out Break" to handle future pandemics. The film depicts a callous military operation using drastic means to contain a viral pandemic spread by a monkey. One scene shows the military bombing an entire village, citizens and all, in an attempt to contain the virus. Another scene shows a two families in two vehicles trying to escape a city that was being locked down by the military and a helicopter car chase ending in the military helicopter unloading a firestorm of bullets at one vehicle killing the passengers. Whats concerning is that Bill Gates is taken serious by many in the left wing media sphere

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Hi Millie, How do I find the latest stories you are producing?


Axl Fox
Axl Fox
May 25, 2022

Remember a few months ago I believe it was when in parts of the US I'm pretty sure PA was a big area for it they found a ton of small pox virals mixed in with the COVID vaxxines. I kinda feel like this mokeypox thing is a result of some monkey business cause it all seems to be a bit bananas to me.

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