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Biden Supporters Admit They're Voting For A Racist

Biden Supporters hate Trump because they baselessly believe he's a racist yet they will vote for Joe Biden despite believing that Biden is a racist.

A handful of anti-Trump protesters turned up to President Trump's rally in Moon Town, PA this past Tuesday. The number of protesters seemed to be much slimmer than what you would see at past Trump rallies. Millennial Millie asks the protesters questions and points out contradictions in their reasoning.

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Ge Sta
Ge Sta
Aug 22, 2021

Biden has done nothing for Black Americans. I wish someday in the very near future my brothers and sisters will come to understand how the Democrats will not represent them in any measurable way. Biden and Harris have been in the White House for 8mth, with Dems controlling the other two houses . Bills go unopposed ready for signing. Yet Obiden an his D-crew have done nothing to the betterment of the Black Man. Nothing but close jobs, allow other countries to the build revenue. Pay more for everything. Force a shameful retreat from a military riding horse back..

Dems say they care, but it's clear they don't.. And here why:

"If they helped as they always promised to, they…


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Millie runs off the liberal fools

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