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Biden Task Force Wants To Abolish The Police

Biden's Platform Was Written By Leaders Of The 'Defund The Police' Movement

On Sunday, Fox News aired Chris Wallace's interview with President Trump where the President suggested that the reason why Democrat ran cities have become so unruly is due to the wide-spread “Defund the Police” movement and that the Biden campaign is part of this movement. Wallace countered the President stating nowhere does the Biden platform suggest defunding or abolishing the police. However, a closer look at members of the Sander-Biden Unity Task Force reveals they are spearheading the police abolition movement backhandedly integrating it with the Biden platform.

We have people inside the Sunrise Movement and Socialist Democrats who witnessed the behind-the-scenes pre-planning of the civil unrest and chaos that erupted, using the George Floyd tragedy as a trigger point to escalate political pressure towards more radical policies, such as restorative and transformational justice, which advocate defunding the police.

On April 22, I tweeted:

Our source inside the Bernie-Biden campaign gave us privileged recordings and documentation evidencing the Sunrise Movement, which was heavily involved with the Bernie 2020 campaign and getting the 'Squad' elected, are pushing for polices that defund and abolish police.

However, Biden 'promises' to put billions into criminal justice, including a climate change “green police” addition to the DOJ while using language such as “restorative justice”, synonymous with the “new abolition movement”, which ultimately seeks to defund the police.

Biden’s own website states his policies will “reduce violence with data-driven programs that target high-risk offenders through violence interruption". In other words, data collection of the entire population parsed using predictive software and artificial intelligence to monitor and assess each member of the entire population to determine who is most likely to commit a crime.

The 100 page ‘charter’ or Bernie-Biden ‘compact’ President Trump referred to, which I've had a copy since April 22, 2020, it lists AOC, Cathrine Flowers, and Varshini Prakash as contributing authors collectively as members of the Unity Task Force.

At 4:50min in the video report, there is a Zoom chat recording taken while the Minnesota riots spread to other states. We see these very same Unity Task Force members, including AOC discussing defunding the police:

The video recording is time stamped June 1, 2020.

The way 'restorative justice' is written into Biden’s vision for America is, by definition, transformative justice. Take a look:

Transformative Justice Defined:

'Restorative justice' and 'transformative justice' are almost interchangeable with the exception that transformative justice recognizes a form of injustice not captured by restorative justice - the heterosexual family unit, which they say is the source of all injustices globally, but that’s for another video report.

Except from "Toward Transformative Justice", Generation Five, 2007

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