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BREAKING: The 100 Day Siege Begins!

Share this exclusive report to warn Americans about the globalist agenda

Our undercover insider just recorded the Sunrise Movement’s call to action for a nationwide “100 Day Siege” to escalate civil unrest leading up to election day.

According to organizers, “We need to prepare for this new terrain: cops enforcing domestic property disturbances more aggressively than political office sit in’s and brutality by federal officers in cities across the country.”

Their tactics guide:

Sunrise Wide Awake Tactic Guide copy
Download PDF • 922KB

This exclusive video shows Sunrise Leadership calling for people to go to Republicans' and conservatives' homes to "haunt" them. "This is not a protest! No justice not sleep!" one leader says, "We have to bring the crisis to their door steps and we are going to mobilize outside their homes", while another states, "we will march into their homes and make it plane and simple for them."

Below is an internal communication inside the Sunrise Movement showing the extreme radical leftist anti-American anti-white dogma pushed on our youth by the organization in the name of "climate change".

Below, President Trump tweeted calling Joe Biden a "Trojan Horse" claiming the Biden campaign has been captured by the "Radical Left Agenda. He will do whatever they want!"

The Sunrise Movement responded acknowledging having taken over Biden, "radically transforming" his campaign and that he is their "trojan horse."

Below is a promo video calling for people to mobilize outside Republican and conservatives' homes.

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