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Democrats Continue To Target Flynn

Former US attorneys are plotting to go after Flynn again in the not-too-distant future.

Just when you thought General Michael Flynn was getting exonerated from the FBI's trumped-up charges, former US attorneys are pressuring Judge Sullivan to not dismiss the case.

According to sources, Obama appointed former US Attorney from North Dakota Tim Purdon is working with other Democrat-leaning attorney's to get U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis, who presided over Paul Manifort's case, to intervene.

In 2018, Fox affiliate host of Point Of View Chris Berg asked Purdon if there was a chance Flynn may have his charges dropped, to which Purdon argued no.

Purdon later tweeted:

“If Mike Flynn’s charges get dismissed, I will wear a MAGA hat on Point of View. If not, you include #PurdonNation in all your tweets for a month.”

After it was announced that Flynn’s charges were getting dropped, Berg invited Purdon to comeback on his show wearing a MAGA hat. Rather than make good on a bet, Purdon declined teaming up with other former US attorneys publicly attacking Attorney General Barr and discussing possible ways to go after Flynn.

Purdon recently tweeted:

“From my time there I can tell you that the DOJ and its career employees are a Crown Jewel of our political system and democracy. Bill Barr is destroying it all.”

Former US Attorney Steve Dettelbach tweeted:

“As a 20-plus year DOJ prosecutor, the Department’s actions in the Flynn case make a mockery of the rule of law. As a former US attorney, taking a position when no career prosecutor in your own office joins you is proof of that. Another shameful “first”.

Former US attorney Barb McQuade tweeted:

“Only Judge Sullivan can dismiss the charges so don’t put on that hat just yet Tim Burdon. Plus, I would wait and see what the next AG does with the FARA counts. Statute of limitations does not run until March 2022.”

The significance of these 'former US Attorneys' is that they were among the 700 former US Attorneys who signed a statement claiming that the President tried to fire Mueller, which he did not, though he technically could have. They claimed the President tried to limit the scope of Mueller’s investigation despite the FBI and Special Council lying to Trump saying he wasn’t a target in the investigation. They claimed that the President tried to prevent witnesses from testifying against him, which Trump challenged in the Supreme Court, but the House Democrats rushed the impeachment before the court could hear the case.

Meanwhile, Democrats are pushing for mail in ballots, voting by app, online absentee ballot requests, no voter ID requirements, no registration requirements, therefore, no checks-and-balances to protect the integrity of the 2020 election. Knowing that Trump could likely win reelection, these tactics may serve to steal the House and Senate seats needed to guarantee a successful impeachment.

Bottom line, we better get out there, vote, and make sure our elections are secure or we’re going to wake up living in a Democrat Dystopia.

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