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Election Night Coup D'état Plot Exposed!

Organized groups plan to siege the White House and takeover major cities throughout the United States including Washington, DC starting on Election Night!

Shut Down DC, Black Lives Matter, the Sunrise Movement, federal workers and government contractors are participating in a planned coup against President Trump regardless of the outcome of the 2020 election. From prominent Democrats to street action organizers they are coordinating a massive uprising ranging from peaceful protesters to rioters and agitators.

Who’s all involved and to what extent is their plan? We don’t know. But what we do know is that our insider within the Sunrise Movement and other radical organizations was able to give us recordings of Zoom chat meetings involving 'Shut Down DC'.

They reveal a massive and ambitious plan of taking over the Whitehouse, Washington DC in general, and shutting down congress.

In one meeting they discuss training for high risk actions. In another meeting they schedule their uprising from election night through inauguration. Then, in another meeting, they organize with Federal employees many of whom work in security and intelligence.

The caliber of leadership, organization, tactical operations capabilities, and military intelligence experts all working together with street activists reveal this operation has the ingredients to overthrow an elected government and install a political puppet.

This is an ever evolving story. Please visit or for updated information, leaked videos, documents and more.

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& You've done a Excellent job with Exposing all of these screwed up in the head people! I am grateful & I appreciate all of the work that you have done to shine the huge ass spot light on The Truth, & all though the truth will still be ignored by the msm & also by the sleeping democrap supporters. YOU HAVE PROVEN THAT IT WASN’T TRUMP SUPPORTERS OR EVEN POTUS TRUMP THAT STAGED THIS BS! & YOU have also shown that John Sullivan is a arrogant pos liar & he Fits the TYPICAL ILLUMINATI freemason bs.🇺🇸


You did it. I posted the truth a few days ago. But I was so afraid the FBI would come for me but the truth had to come out! They did it & maybe got some Patriots from rally, but not 455 people including the journalist who filmed Ashli BABBIT. The FBI WENT & arrested the journalist & confiscated his electronics. WHY? A JOURNALIST? WE HAVE A RIGHT TO SEE THE FOOTAGE! THEY NEED TO LET THEM OUT! NO WEAPONS? TRESPASSING ONLY! In the people’s house. 5 times before their was an actual Insurrection . 1880 burned White House down. 2X congress members were killed. Yet many groups from blacks, woman, pink went into capital to protest during a session.…


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