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HOT MIC Moment at Coronavirus Task Force Briefing!!!

Media Caught Calling COVID19 A "Hoax"!

A new Study from the Los Angeles County Public Health suggests that approximately 221,000 to 442,000 adults have already had COVID19. With just over 1072 alleged confirmed deaths, this suggests that the actual morbidity rate for COVID19 is somewhere between 0.0048% and 0.0024%, far less deadly than projected.

During the April 20th Coronavirus Task Force Press Briefing at the White House, there was a hot mic moment. Fox News’ John Roberts can be seen and heard discussing this new study openly with other members of the press. Shocked upon hearing these new coronavirus statistics, one voice can clearly be heard saying “ so it was a hoax”. Listen to the clip -

This is astonishing considering that this is the same press corps that has routinely accused President Trump of claiming that the coronavirus is a hoax.

But it’s no secret that in today’s news media spin, many main stream reporters secretly believe one thing, but in the name of ratings, say another.

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