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Outraged Parents Battle School Mask Mandates

Parents challenge local school board's mandatory mask policy and win!

A large group of outraged parents attended the August 6th Southeast Local School District board meeting where board members heard their demands to end the school mask mandate for the upcoming school year.

Millie Weaver covered the meeting and interviewed both parents and board members.

In the packed meeting room both parents and board members sat unmasked and you could cut the tension with a knife. Parents were noticeably fed up and many stood along the back wall ready to walk away from the school if the board ruled against ending the mask mandate.

Southeast Superintendent Robert Dunn lead a unanimous vote to end the districts mandatory mask policy on school grounds while maintaining the CDC transportation mandate for children and staff to wear masks while riding on school busses.

Though children still have to wear masks or face coverings while riding on the bus, many parents were relieved stating that had the district maintained the mask mandate in the classrooms, they would have unenrolled their children from the school.

School board members acknowledged that the main reason for keeping the mask mandate on busses was the strong possibility of loosing State or Federal funding and potentially getting shut down for not following the mandate.

A facebook page titled "Unmask The Pirates" was created by local parents to rally together to fight back against the masking children in schools. Following the ruling the page changed its name to "Pirate Strong" and made the following statement:

The page name will be changing to 'Pirate Strong'- I want to encourage everyone to feel free to send any information they would like shared to page pertaining to our children's health and safety. Masks were our first hurdle and I am sure there will be more to come, but we as a community are "Pirate Strong".

Following the boards decision some parents vowed to continue the fight and push to get the children unmasked on the busses as well.

Many school boards in Ohio and across the nation made the decision to continue the mask mandates in their schools this upcoming fall. Only a handful of schools voted to end the mask mandate, Southeast School District being one of them. So far no public schools have attempted to disobey the public transportation mask mandate out of fear that funding will be pulled or the schools will be forced to close.



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Lobo GreyWolf
Lobo GreyWolf
Aug 08, 2021

Thank you Millie! You knocked it out of the park with this story coverage! Please keep on informing us of events like this that we can share with our families and friends. Some people are fighting back! We just need to show the rest of America that they can too!


Audun Nilsen
Audun Nilsen
Aug 07, 2021

Put down your donuts for five minutes, go to BitChute and look up germ theory. It's been a year and a half.


Globalist Juice
Globalist Juice
Aug 07, 2021

Homeschooling was the unforeseen silver-lining of the KungFuFlu.

... and it is good.

The evil forces hellbent on destroying the West, have no choice but to watch as normal, everyday parents tore apart the very thing used to indoctrinate and propagandize our youth. Over the last few years, even the normies of this world have come to understand that the system doesn't gather up our children at college level, it begins in elementary school and worms its way into their mushy, moldable brains for 12 years - then when our children enter college, they're radicalized as foot soldiers for globalism.


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