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PSYOP The Steal

Exposing The Plan To Siege the US Capitol On January 6th, 2021

What happened on January 6, 2021 was part of a well prepared contingency plan to disrupt President Trump’s chances of contesting the election results riddled with accusations of fraud.

I previously exposed some of these plans on the website, where I even show a tactical map that has the US Capitol as a primary target:

ShutDown DC : Defend Democracy ArcGIS Map

My report “Election Night Coup D'etat”, from November 2, 2020, has a thumbnail showing the US Capitol being targeted with it graphically on fire for emphasis.

We had the leaked tactical map from inside leftist organization leadership and recorded zoom chats of them discussing taking over buildings in Washington, DC to prevent Trump from remaining President under any circumstances; all prior to the election.

Segment from "Simulation Exercise" from September 19, 2020

Subversive agent provocateurs hijacked the grassroots effort to support the President.

Ali Akbar, or Ali Alexander, who has a longstanding reputation as a political dirty trickster and agent provocateur, sidelined the 'Women For America First' events, taking credit for being the organizer while mislead donors to give him money.

When you click the donate button, it directs you to Ali's personal links for 'donation' which had no affiliation with the official events nor the event organizers.

It became apparent Ali was planning to "storm the Capitol" in Washington, DC on January 6th using other state capitols for practice dry runs while dragging in innocent participants as fodder for eventual accusations.

Ali had another website, which has since been taken down -

Ali never had an actual stage or event set up at the listed location.

However, the "come here" location on the 'Wild Protest' map coincides with a nearby location where alleged 'Proud Boys' agent provocateurs gathered prior to storming the US Capitol.

John Sullivan, another agent provocateur, who affiliates with Antifa and Black Lives Matter, also planned to infiltrate the 'March for Trump' event on January 6th. On his website 'Insurgence USA' Sullivan had an invitation for other agitators to disrupt the 'March for Trump' events.

John Sullivan has a brother, James Sullivan, that affiliated with Ali and the Proud Boys. These brothers allegedly organized events having Antifa, Black Lives Matter and Proud Boys show up to escalate opposing political groups towards violence while simultaneously capturing it all on camera for a Netflix documentary.

James Sullivan and John Sullivan filming for their documentary.

John Sullivan recorded himself inside the US Capitol with documentarian Jade Sacker. Sullivan's own footage shows him breaking windows while trying to provoke others into more violent actions such telling others "we gotta get this shit burned".

According to multiple sources that know the Sullivan brothers and have met their adoptive father "Jack" Sullivan who self-proclaims to be involved in "psyops", or tactical psychological operations, and was attempting to work through his sons to infiltrate political movements.

Meanwhile, Proud Boy's leader Henry "Enrique" Tarrio was outed by Reuter's investigative journalists as being an FBI informant.

Just days before the January 6th riot at the Capitol, Tarrio was arrested for bringing two high-capacity rifle magazines to Washington, DC. He was picked up for allegedly burning a Black Lives Matter banner in DC on December 12, 2020.

While in custody he was questioned about social media posts instructing Proud Boys to go to Washington, DC on January 6th dressed "incognito" in all black like Antifa.

On January 6th, there were several radical groups participating in the riot at the Capitol such as Proud Boy’s, Black Lives Matter, Groypers, Antifa and white supremacist groups all working together mutually creating mayhem.

The riot was a who’s-who of social media influencers know for instigating trouble, none of whom attended the 'March for Trump' rally where President Trump spoke that day. Yet, we are supposed to believe the so-called 'insurrection of the Capitol' was President Trump's fault?

Whether it was leftist agitators or rightwing extremists, both executed a plan to interfere with the legitimate process in the Joint Session of the House and Senate debating a contested election as allotted by the 12th Amendment of the Constitution.

Had the riot not happened, President Trump, his legal teams and 'white hat' hackers would have been able to present their alleged evidence of election fraud.

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Mar 29, 2022


Jason L
Jason L
Jan 13, 2022

You could have made a shorter version of this video by simply stating: -Trump lost a CRUCIAL & HISTORIC presidential election -Trump supporters got mad about it & lost control on 1/6 -The end. You guys are twisting your brains into knots out of the FEAR of accepting this REALITY. Please stop!

Replying to

If you believe 81 million Americans voted for a dementia-ridden career politician of 50 years who only accomplishments include fondling little girls & selling America to its enemies, then you’re much dumber than I originally believed. Now run along & find another dementia-ridden pedophile to vote for.


Millie. This is just a rabbit hole. They are trying to make you like Alice.

1871 was a shotgun wedding. Lincoln suspended the constitution and acted under the Articles of Confederation which held "Perpetual Union". He was killed before it was reinstated. The rabbit hole you looking down ends at Nimrod.

The real truth is. Men and Woman can't be trusted to Govern. Here we sit with a nation that believes a Constitution gives them rights when Right are Lived not given. GOD said to live as free people back in the Old Testament. Jesus said to carry two swords.

I will not worship a nation or "Founding Fathers" as My Father is in Heaven and My King will not…


We want to name an outfit from our conservative boutique after you. Let me know, if you wanna take a look? Which do you want? My email addy is in the footer.


Silky Girl Gaming
Silky Girl Gaming
May 25, 2021

Millie. You are so good reporter. Could you please cover the lawsuit story Dr Shiva Vs Massachusetts and Twitter? There is some information very interesting going on. Nobody is covering it.

Ge Sta
Ge Sta
Aug 28, 2021
Replying to

I too believe a story sets in waiting for Millie. Dr. Shiva is a smart guy that found the secret communication line between twitters content blockers police and government officials including, election directors, A dedicated porthole meant for fast response times when dealing with possible active shooter or dangerous persons who might have posted illegal game plan on twitter. Twitter then passes all information to the proper channels to monitor the threats, even delete the page after the arrest is made. The instant connect portal has been inchoated more recently by politicians telling twitter to block content of an opposing candidate,( as what happened to Dr. Shiva,), under the impressions it will stop the harmful act of repeating disinformation. Althou…

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