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Restaurant Owner Speaks Out Against Stay-At-Home Order

Small American business owners are suffering while large chains like China owned Walmart profit big!

Reporter Millie Weaver interviews business owner Valter Veliu in Columbus, Ohio outside his popular authentic German restaurant called "Valter's at the Maennerchor" about the impact Governor Mike DeWine's Stay-At-Home Order is having on small business owners.

While large retail and grocery chains like Walmart, Giant Eagle, Target, and others hold a monopoly on the market during the Coronavirus shut downs, small business owners are being negatively impacted. Business owners are raising important questions regarding the unfair practice of the government picking and choosing which businesses are considered "essential" or not.

Watch here:

Americans across the nation have already started protesting the shut downs as violations of the Constitution and want to have the freedom to choose to quarantine or not.

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