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Who will stand up for parental rights?

Millennial Millie attends a protest in Jefferson City, Missouri at the Capital where Drag Queen Story Hour advocates rallied against a new bill giving parents more control over the content presented to children in public libraries.

Drag Queen Story Time advocates argue the bill is “anti-LGBTQ” where proponents of the bill argue it simply gives parents more control over what their children are exposed to educational settings.

Trigger Warning – Some images and comments presented may be offensive to some views. Viewer discretion is advised.

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John Durham
John Durham
Jun 13, 2020

A TRAGIC STORY From 2013@PFOX Parents and Friends of ExGays and Gays


My dad was a cross dresser when I was a child. This made me feel very

uncomfortable around him growing up. This confused me with his role of a

father in my childhood. I just wanted him to be my dad, a real dad. I desired to

have a dad that made his daughter feel special and loved and cherished. I

remember rummaging through our attic as I got older. I was secretly searching

for adoption papers. I lifted everything out of the wooden boxes.

My search came up empty every time. I was determined that I must have been

adopted because I…


John Durham
John Durham
Jun 13, 2020

The website confirms that most men who do drag receive a fetish sexual response from doing so. If one understands that this is true and thinks about it, one realizes that the thought of dressing up or going out in public is a sexual rush for most CrossDressers. However, this is not the case for some who actually have identified as women all their lives.

They are simply doing what seems natural and I have had one of these say to me, "I have never understood why some crossdressers are turned on by wearing women's clothing. It doesn't turn me on sexually to dress as a woman. I just don't get it why it does for some."

Of all…

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