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Trump Never Pushed A Mandatory COVID19 Vaccine

Hear his speech for yourself - "Vaccine or no vaccine, we're back."

Many people in President Trump’s base are concerned about mandatory vaccines. Liberals tend to lean more towards advocating government mandated vaccinations whereas conservatives tend to lean more towards advocating freedom of choice. From the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, both sides have weighed in on their concerns of a COVID-19 vaccination; some love the idea, while others abhor it.

President Trump just announced project ‘Warp Speed’ which will accelerate the development of a COVID-19 vaccine. During his press briefing last Friday, the President made the statement, "vaccine or no vaccine, we're back". This statement, by no stretch of the imagination, does not say he’s pushing mandatory vaccination.

"I don't want people to believe that this is dependent on a vaccine...some people are not going to want to get it." - President Trump

Before we start demonizing the President’s project Warp Speed let's look at original source material instead of edited clips and out of context quotes.

The President emphasized his efforts to find “effective treatments and vaccines” not vaccines alone. Notice he’s emphasizing “hundreds of treatments” with over 530 possible treatments available other than vaccines.

It's important to realize there are millions of Americans that are demanding a vaccine. Nothing is going to change their opinion on that. So, is it better to allow all of this funding for research to go to the World Health Organization and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, or should Trump work with top American scientists to develop a vaccine that is more likely to be "safer"?

If I had to choose between an American made vaccine or a Bill Gates Chinese vaccine, I’m going with the American based vaccine. But, I’m not going to be forced to make that choice because vaccination isn’t going to be mandatory under the Trump administration. But, if we allow this issue to split Trump’s base, I can assure you it will be mandatory under a Biden administration.

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Lisa Ann Mayer
Lisa Ann Mayer
Jun 28, 2021

Going on your site looking for your clues Millie … Y’all are in my prayers come to California when you need a break……5miles from the coast , just far enough to b peaceful


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Marc Mallary
Marc Mallary
Nov 16, 2020

That sounds promising, but I'm still wondering about why the Army is distributing it, the doctors at the presidents press conference saying everyone should get it and the 500 million dosses ordered by the government. Then there are the state governments and employers who have mandated it.

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