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Undercover Investigation Pt. 2 - Teenage Political Extortion Ring

Climate justice activists teach kids dirty political tricks to push 'Green New Deal'.

Our undercover source spent two years inside the Sunrise Movement - a far left organization radicalizing high school and middle school age children for activism and political mobilization. This organization is ran by adult activists recruiting minors for high risk political action while creating the false appearance that children are organizing on their own. Teenagers are taught how to escalate tragic events into protests with significant police response and risking arrest. This form of 'escalation' is used to generate media attention pushing the ‘Green New Deal’ as the political solution.

With Hollywood connections, DC insiders, celebrity status and a media spotlight the Sunrise Movement is designed to attract young people. On the surface, the movement is group of peaceful young activists fighting climate change for social justice. On a deeper level, the movement is a gateway to radicalization teaching youth how to exploit tragedy, create media stunts, and compromise morality for political gain.

The organizers provide manuals, course work and instruction offering various levels of training and involvement. From learning that burning buildings is a legitimate form of resistance to police abolition is instrumental to solving climate change, the youth are being taught how to accelerate society towards chaos and revolution.

[PDF Documents]

Escalation + Prophetic Promotion (Est
. H
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The Resistance Guide - Interactive
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Sunrise Action Training Template (see la
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Momentum 101 Concepts
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Download 1-20 • 1.68MB

When Bernie Saunders dropped out of the Presidential race endorsing Joe Biden as the Democrat Party Presidential candidate, the Sunrise Movement of staunch Bernie supporters faced a dilemma. On May 30th, 2020 an internal letter circulated within the movement. It discussed how deputy communications director Sofie Karasek claimed that in 2016 Joe Biden had inappropriately touched her and that she felt conflicted about the movement endorsing Biden. The organizers announced there would be a group meeting to discuss Karasek's dilemma regarding Biden and how the Sunrise Movement should respond to Biden becoming the Democrat Party Presidential candidate.

A few days later, after the Sunrise Movement addressed the issue through a special letter sent to the Biden campaign, it was announced that Sunrise Movement co-founder Varshini Prakash and Sunrise Movement endorsed Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are to sit on Biden’s task force on climate change if elected.

Just like that, the Sunrise Movement got in with the Biden campaign. I wonder what the Sunrise Movement might have done had the Biden campaign not made them an offer the couldn't refuse - see how it works?

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW - Sunrise Movement Whistleblower!

Sunrise Movement insider discusses how 'he' was able to infiltrate the movement on multiple levels and what 'he' learned about this radical left organization from within.

Activist Training For Staged Escalation & High Risk Action [Clip 1]

Think tanks and research institutes provide Green New Deal publications and educational materials through organizations, like Momentum, who provide training and logistics capabilities to many leftist youth organizations.

Activist Training For Staged Escalation & High Risk Action [Clip 2]

Sunrise Movement organizer teaches that "setting buildings on fire" is a "legitimate form of resistance" while segregating participants into racial demographics.

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